Print Your Photos: Save Your Stories

print your photos

Print Your Photos: Save Your Stories

We live in a world where more photos are being taken than ever before. Smart phones allow everyone to capture snapshots quickly and easily. Everything from sweet family moments to exotic travels to crazy antics from pets are captured on a daily basis. People now use their camera phone as a diary to document their day to day existence.

Sharing photos is an intentional process. A small fraction of these photos are shared on social media. People connect online through their personal photography. They post selected photos to show their joyful moments, mourn losses, and more on these social channels. The rest of the photos are stored on computers or the cloud (a really, really large computer). They are not printing photos as much as they were before. Once the moment is shared, it is forgotten.

The remaining photo labs are shifting their focus to photo books and photo novelty products. Wedding albums and other photo products are slowly becoming obsolete. In this world of minimalist décor and busy lifestyles, people are not printing photos as they would in years past. It is not “on trend” or even a priority.

We, however, think differently.

Why print?

Today’s technology is fantastic. For starters, it allows people to be creative, capture snapshots easily, and store so much data. On the flip side, this same technology is evolving faster than its users can upgrade. People still bring us floppy disks, weird hard drives, and old cell phones desperate for us to retrieve photos that were stored on them. We have had clients with copies of precious family photos on corrupt thumb drives and scratched discs. Sometimes, we are able to work with these pieces.

There have been times when we have been able to make great prints from photocopies, but files downloaded from social media look terrible. We have received photos that have been emailed so many times that have become too small to work with.

The one medium we are (almost) always able to work with – in way or another – is a printed photo.

A bad print of a photo can be infinitely better than a low resolution file. Technology is great, but it does not replace physical prints.

Print What Matters

There’s no need to print twelve photos of your cat climbing in the dryer. You should, however, print what matters to you. If you have a taken a great photo that means something to you, print it. All these little moments you’ve captured are a part of your greater story.

Give the photo as a gift to someone special.

Put your photos in an album or binder.

Pop them in a frame and decorate the shelves you just emptied.

Store them in a photo box.

Do something with them.

Today, the most important thing you can do for your loved ones is save the stories. We see most people ask for prints when a significant family event is on the horizon or has occurred. These are photos for a wedding celebration, graduation milestone images, golden anniversaries, but primarily, when someone has passed away. After the loss of a loved one, many people have either inherited images they want to share or preserve. Photos give us a direct avenue to the most cherished memories. When it’s all you have left, you’ll be happy you printed it.

The Kodak tagline “Share moments, share life” is as relevant today as it was years ago. But when the marketing department at Eastman Kodak coined it, they were processing and printing every single photo – in essence, saving the moments one frame at a time, and the stories for generations. Take a note from your ancestors, print the photos and save them, saving the stories for those who come next.


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