Art Solutions: Finding Affordable Art

affordable art

Art Solutions: Finding Affordable Art

“Art isn’t art until someone says it is.”

This is a quote by a naïve, snobbish student in the movie Mona Lisa Smile. The student, Betty Warren, and her professor, Katherine Watson, have a battle of the wills in many ways, but one struggle is over the concept of “what is art.” Warren thinks that art is only art when it is created by a grand-master or dubbed as art by “the right people.” Watson thinks that art is everywhere – especially if it makes you feel something.

We happen to agree with Watson. Art can be created by a professional artist or a hobbyist. It can be a painting or it can be a souvenir from a fantastic trip. When it comes to decorating our homes, we’d prefer to be surrounded by art that means something rather than simply filling up a space.

The beauty in thinking this way is that it liberates you from making unnecessary or expensive purchases. You don’t have to purchase an overpriced piece of art unless you want that specific piece. You don’t have to buy a box-store framed floral canvas because you need to fill a space and have a 40% off coupon. Instead, you can choose something that inspires you and reflects your personality – whatever that may be.

Meaningful art doesn’t have to have a high price tag. Sometimes, your favorite art can be an affordable or out-of-the-box (bonus point to you if it’s both). Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:


Gift Wrap

affordable artThis piece of gift wrap is an absolute stunner. By choosing a frame and matting combination that had a hint of weathered gold and colors that complimented the art, the piece of gift wrap by Rifle Paper Co. turns into a fun piece of art that is sure to start a conversation.


Etsy Etching

affordable artIf you are willing to go down the rabbit hole, Etsy can be a place to find gorgeous and affordable art. This etching is beautiful and looks elegant in tone-on-tone matting and a matte gray frame. The end result is sophisticated and modern – like something from an art gallery.


Art Prints

affordable artNever underestimate the power of a print. Mary Lou has a print of a famous painting in her home that she custom framed, and someone made her an offer on it because they thought it was the real deal. Prints can be of paintings, photographs, typography, and more. This print of “Victory is in the Kitchen” is not only a nod to history, but a charming piece for the home.


Kid’s Art

affordable artNothing is more personal than art created by the children in your life. A client of ours just framed their artwork to hang in her daughter’s room. A different client chose to frame this water colored rose with a sleek, white lacquer frame to allow the art to shine.

We are fans of framing and displaying anything that makes you happy and brings meaning into your life. All of these pieces have personality and reflect the client that chose it. There are some people who wait to be told what art “is.” We challenge you to be the trendsetter – be unique, be you.

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