Wedding Albums: The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Wedding Album Gift

Wedding Albums: The Perfect Anniversary Gift

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding that no one wants to think about the “after.” There are thank you notes to write, relationships with mother-in-laws to repair, and so much more that would-be-fun activities, like choosing photos for your wedding album, seem like a chore.

When it comes to wedding albums, some newlyweds skip the process because:

  1. Albums are too expensive.
  2. Life gets in the way.
  3. The process is overwhelming.
  4. They don’t like their photos.

However, we’re finding that distance brings perspective. A number of couples – married for as little as 5 years and as much as 50+ years – have decided to revisit the idea of a wedding album. Sometimes a family member or child is getting married, and this sparks the couple to want their own wedding album. Other times, a husband needs a gift for a special wedding anniversary.

Whatever the reason, it is never too late to revisit your wedding photos.

Today’s Albums

The albums newlyweds were familiar with 15 years ago are on the brink of obsolescence. Those wedding album companies do not exist anymore. From what we know, a few private companies bought out the remaining inventory, and what’s left is all there is. There are a few companies that are able to create custom covers for older albums, but cannot create new pages or inserts.

Today’s wedding albums are different. Many people think they are photo books, but they are not. Photo books are an off-set product like high school yearbooks and have light-weight pages. Today’s wedding albums are photographic products and have heavier pages that are UV coated. These albums have presence and look amazing. There are more layout and page options than before, so each couple can get something truly unique if they desired it.

wedding album giftIf you’re ready to create a wedding album, the hardest part for any couple is reviewing the photos.

Choosing the Right Photos

Looking at photos immediately after a wedding is overwhelming. Emotions are still running high, and you may be more critical of yourself than you would be years down the road. Mary Lou experienced this when looking at her own wedding photos. “I look at them now and say, ‘Oh, I’m not as big as I thought I was,’” says Mary Lou. “I hated my haircut and my glasses at the time, but I don’t care about that now. It’s the memories that stay with me.”

Waiting a few years to make your selections is not a bad thing. In fact, time may help couples make their photo selections. It’s easier to evaluate the people in the photos and choose the photos that mean the most to you. You’ll be forgiving of yourself because you look happy and young. Choose the top 100 – 150 photos that mean the most to you, and use them for your album.

We occasionally are given wedding photos that are problematic (bad composition, poor lighting, etc.). Digital editing allows us to get creative with the photos. Cropping and processing are wonderful tools that we can use to enhance your photos. If you don’t like your photos, don’t rule them out. Talk to a professional to see what can be done with what you have.

Pro tip: It is important to make sure you receive permissions to create your album. Many photographers may not be as active in the wedding community as they once were, but they still retain rights to your images. Some photographers may give you the negatives when they sell their business, and some pass those negatives along to the person who buys the company. We are not lawyers, but it is important to make sure you are covered – even if you have a photo proofs or negatives.

The Perfect Gift

We had a client that wanted to do something special for his wife. They had their wedding photos from 15 years ago, but they didn’t have a wedding album. She made a selection of her favorite photos and sent them to Mary Lou. Using a mixture of negatives and proofs, Mary Lou created a stunning modern wedding album for the couple to enjoy. The layout was simple – let the photos tell their love story.

wedding album giftIt’s never too late to create a wedding album. It’s a perfect gift for an anniversary or “just because.” If you need more inspiration on wedding gifts, check out this post about custom framing wedding invitations.