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keep slides and negatives

Toss or Keep? An Argument to Keep Slides & Negatives

  One of the questions we hear in the studio is: “Now that my slides and negatives are digital, can I just throw them away?” There is a mass movement of folks that are unencumbering themselves from their possessions. The influence of the Danish lifestyle and digital archiving

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When Digital Editing Works

It is common for clients to bring in a photo and ask us to add or remove a person. When removing a person, the reason could be one of many: “We’re divorced.” “I hated them.” “I don’t know who they are.” “They’re ruining the photo.”

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crayon portrait

Inside the Crayon Portrait

Hanging in our studio is a softly colored pastel, octagonal portrait of two brothers in war uniforms. Clients take notice and comment, “My grandmother has something just like that. What is it?” It’s a crayon portrait - a photograph that is hand embellished with colored pastels

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wedding gifts

Wedding Gifts: Be anti-gravy boat

Wedding registries are boring. It’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Want to know why? I don’t like people telling me what to buy. Most people feel pressured into putting items that they think should be on a registry instead of what they actually want.   Most

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