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crayon portrait

Inside the Crayon Portrait

Hanging in our studio is a softly colored pastel, octagonal portrait of two brothers in war uniforms. Clients take notice and comment, “My grandmother has something just like that. What is it?” It’s a crayon portrait - a photograph that is hand embellished with colored pastels or charcoal We live in a minimalist society where the trends with wall art is clean and simple. Crayon portraits, by their nature can seem gaudy...

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how to deal with mold on photos

Put the Lysol Down: How to Deal with Mold.

Mold. The word makes you want to bathe in bleach. It is bad enough that you have to battle the mold growing in the shower, but what do you do when it appears on your great-grandmother’s face? Believe it or not, mold can grow on photographs and documents. It is tragic and horrifying, but it is not uncommon. How does mold happen? How to make moldy photos: Mix one part moisture with...

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wedding gifts

Wedding Gifts: Be anti-gravy boat

Wedding registries are boring. It’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Want to know why? I don’t like people telling me what to buy. Most people feel pressured into putting items that they think should be on a registry instead of what they actually want.   Most of the items on a registry end up being returned or living in the basement for 15 years. How many couples seriously use the gravy...

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Belief in the Photo Album

I love having framed photographs and mementos in my home and office.  I don’t need a reminder to know how hard I work each day for my family, but it is a lift to see them smiling at me from my desk.  My wedding photo takes me back to one of the most wonderful days in my life.  The photo of my dad and his family brings back precious memories...

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Custom Framing: NASA Memorabilia

These frames are part of an ongoing project that Mary Lou worked on. A customer brought in her NASA memorabilia but wasn't sure of what she wanted to do with it. Mary Lou worked with our customer and created a few different ways for her to display the pieces. She designed four frames (including these two), a scrapbook, and framed a Neil Armstrong magazine that could be easily removed for...

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February Framing Samples

Here's a sample of a few of our recent framing projects. We've had some beautiful photos and art brought in for framing and thought we'd share a few of them. When it comes to framing, the goal should always be to enhance and showcase the piece. The frame should never outshine the photo. Our conservator, Amy, did a fantastic job on these! Check out more frame jobs here, here, and on...

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