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photo stuck to glass

Common Photo Damage: Photo Stuck to Glass

It is always devastating when a precious photo is damaged. You have a moment of shock after discovering the damage, and then feel an immense panic to “fix it.” While there are some forms of photo damage that can easily be fixed, a photo stuck to glass can be a tricky problem to solve. How does this happen? A photo gets stuck to glass because there is a lack of airspace between...

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Restoring and Preserving Ambrotypes

Let’s talk about ambrotypes. An ambrotype is a photograph whose technique dates to the 1850s. It is the antique equivalent to the modern day slide. Created through a wet process, an ambrotype is a glass negative that appears to be a positive. It is painted black on one side and is often hand tinted. Most ambrotypes are in an ornate case called a casket, coffin, union case, etc. They’re the type...

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