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scheduling items for insurance

Fine Art and Valuable Photos: A Look at Scheduling Items for Insurance

We’ve all seen the insurance commercials where they make light of terrible situations, but as funny as they may be, disasters happen. As artists, it is always upsetting to see a piece of art suffering from smoke damage as a result of a fire or mold from water damage in a basement flood. It is heartbreaking to see clients realize that their items are not covered properly on their homeowner’s...

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Transforming a black and white photo with color

Transforming a Black and White Photo with Color

Transforming a black and white photo with color can be magical. Making gray eyes blue and adding life to cheeks is an art form that is sometimes trivialized. In the “I want it now” age, techies have developed apps and bots to instantly add color to an image. The end result is often sloppy and inaccurate – slight wrong shade of blonde hair or not quite hazel enough eyes. When...

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Merging Past and Present

We live to create, and we love that “Ta-Da” moment when our clients see the final result of their project. As a creative, it is special and personal for us to take someone’s vision – a vision they aren’t always sure is possible to attain – and turn it into a reality. One of our longtime clients had a wonderful idea. He wanted to take a photo of his father behind...

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keep slides and negatives

Toss or Keep? An Argument to Keep Slides & Negatives

  One of the questions we hear in the studio is: “Now that my slides and negatives are digital, can I just throw them away?” There is a mass movement of folks that are unencumbering themselves from their possessions. The influence of the Danish lifestyle and digital archiving methods have empowered people to let items go. We understand the desire to declutter, but “scan it and toss it” is not always the best...

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When Digital Editing Works

It is common for clients to bring in a photo and ask us to add or remove a person. When removing a person, the reason could be one of many: “We’re divorced.” “I hated them.” “I don’t know who they are.” “They’re ruining the photo.” “I just want them gone.”   However, when someone wants to add a person, reasons don’t matter.   We worked on a project recently where a client wanted to...

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When it’s all you have, make it special.

Mary Lou bought a new phone last week, and one of the first things she did with it was photograph her son’s National Honor Society induction. She forgot her camera, but she was able to get (pretty good) photos of her son anyway.   It’s hard to remember a time without camera phones, and it’s too easy to take advantage of being able to take a photo whenever you want. This wasn’t...

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