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Belief in the Photo Album

I love having framed photographs and mementos in my home and office.  I don’t need a reminder to know how hard I work each day for my family, but it is a lift to see them smiling at me from my desk.  My wedding photo

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Custom Framing: NASA Memorabilia

These frames are part of an ongoing project that Mary Lou worked on. A customer brought in her NASA memorabilia but wasn't sure of what she wanted to do with it. Mary Lou worked with our customer and created a few different ways for her

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February Framing Samples

Here's a sample of a few of our recent framing projects. We've had some beautiful photos and art brought in for framing and thought we'd share a few of them. When it comes to framing, the goal should always be to enhance and showcase the

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Photo Restoration Before & After: Crayon Portrait

This was an interesting piece for a few reasons. The customer brought in this crayon portrait that had been adhered to a sheet of lead. The original was a hand colored crayon portrait. It was printed on a thin piece of fiber paper. A family member thought it

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Corporate Framing: Sugar Bags

Corporate art doesn't have to be boring. In fact, we love it when it’s different and unique. Chip from AN Smith & Company did just that. His company specializes in all things sugar, and he wanted us to frame a few old sugar bags to hang in

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Frame Ideas: Stacked Framing

At Coyle Studios, each person has a specific role. John is the amazing photographer, and Mary Lou is the master framer. Custom framing allows her to take a beautiful photo or piece of art and make it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It’s always fun to

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