Wedding Gifts: Be anti-gravy boat

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Wedding Gifts: Be anti-gravy boat

Wedding registries are boring. It’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Want to know why?

  1. I don’t like people telling me what to buy.
  2. Most people feel pressured into putting items that they think should be on a registry instead of what they actually want.


Most of the items on a registry end up being returned or living in the basement for 15 years. How many couples seriously use the gravy boat their great-aunt bought them?

Be anti-gravy boat. Give them something unique.

Most newlyweds neglect framing. They register for silver frames from Pottery Barn as an afterthought instead of choosing something special. I’ve had a few newlyweds tell me that they wished they’d had their wedding photos custom framed, but they didn’t think of it during the registry process.

Of course not. Couples are busy being swept up by fancy blenders and shiny silver pieces.

Think of custom framing for them. We have a few recent projects to inspire you.

 new DSC_3232

Frame a wedding invitation

One of the easiest gifts you can give is framing a wedding invitation. Framing an invitation says, “I cherish your union and did not haphazardly stick this behind a magnet or in a book.” Be bold and get funky with their wedding colors, or stay timeless and opt for a classic look.




new Gayler wedding working 8x10


Restore their family photos

A current trend is to display family photos at wedding receptions. Wedding photos of the bride and groom’s parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.  are placed throughout the venue to celebrate the heritage of this union. Restore a family photo for the wedding or for their new home.





new wedding DSC_2064


Create a custom graphic

Not all gifts need to be given at the wedding. This client wanted to create a graphic that the bride and groom could display in their new home. We took the couple’s favorite wedding photo and included the location and date to create a unique art print.




3x3 wedding DSC_6981Frame their favorite photo with their wedding announcement

This is a piece that tells a story. This client went beyond the traditional framed wedding photos and decided to pair it with their wedding announcement from the New York Times. A silk navy mat was used to pay tribute to their wedding colors.  We used a romantic Italian frame and later discovered that the groom proposed in Italy!




Don’t settle for a blender. Give a memorable gift that will be cherished forever.