Frame Ideas: Stacked Framing

Frame Ideas: Stacked Framing

At Coyle Studios, each person has a specific role. John is the amazing photographer, and Mary Lou is the master framer. Custom framing allows her to take a beautiful photo or piece of art and make it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It’s always fun to see what she’s going to create. This is one of her recent framing designs. We restored this original family photograph, and our customer wanted to turn it into a work of art. Mary Lou decided to use a modified stacking technique.

For hundreds of years, stacked frames were used to signify affluence and status. The more frames a person had on one photo and the wider it was, the more wealth they had. When you walk into a museum and see portraits that have four to five frames on them, you can assume that they were a very important person. We wanted to bring that aspect of framing history to this photo.

6 inch width 100 dpi Working Hopkins Frame Details Original DSC_2062 copy

To get this look, we used Larson Juhl frames and a Bainbridge mat. The outer Jarson Juhl Marais II frame had a gorgeous floral design with hints of burgundy in it. We played on the burgundy color for the mat. The silk mat enhances that regal look that we were aiming for. We used the Larson Juhl Calais as the inner frame because it offered a complimentary floral pattern.

This photo was a family original. When it came to us, the surface had abrasions on it. We restored it to the photo’s original quality and preserved it behind Conservation Clear glass. This piece will now last for generations.

What do you think of this design? If you have any stacked frames, send pictures of them to us. We’d love to see them!