4 Ways to Use Stacked Frames

stacked frames

4 Ways to Use Stacked Frames

What’s better than one frame? 

Two frames, otherwise known as “stacked frames.”

Stacked frames are made up of two (or more) mouldings combined to make one frame. In Victorian days, stacked frames were en vogue and implied affluence and status. The more frames a person has on a photo and the wider it was, the more wealth they had. You’ll see this in museums on portraits of important people — stacked frames = significance. 

Today, we use this framing design to add originality and intrigue to a piece of art. It’s less about wealth and more about individuality and style. 

You see, today most people don’t think about stacking moulding when it comes to custom framing. In a modern world of thin black moulding and box store picture frames, however, stacked frames can help you make your mark in your home design. You could have the same art as everyone else, but no one will have a display quite like yours.

Here are a few ways to incorporate stacked frames in your home:

Stack a new frame on an old one.

Maybe you like the original frame you have, but you want an updated look. Your original frame doesn’t need to be an antique or even really old. Adding a new frame on top of an old one is a great way to blend the history of the piece with a refreshed look. 

stacked frames

Mix different finishes and textures.

Be a little wild, and play with the finish and texture of your frames. Blend traditional with rustic or lacquer with metallic. Texture can drastically impact anything in design, and you’ll be impressed at how mixing and matching mouldings can transform art.

stacked frames

Highlight a pop of color.

Clients have used stacked frames to draw out a specific color that they love in a piece of art. The color may be too bold or overwhelming for a mat or a single frame option, but it works perfectly in a stacked frame design. This is especially helpful if you are someone that wants a cohesive, matching design in a gallery wall.

Not a fan of stacking frames? Modify it.

This is very similar to using a fillet. Make a custom frame sandwich by using an inner frame, mat, and outer frame. Adding a little space between the two frames can result in an impressive, elegant design.

stacked framesThere are times in custom framing when you need to keep the design simple. The last thing anyone wants is a frame that overpowers a piece of art or looks wildly out of place in a room. However, there are other times when you need to go bold and make a statement. Stacked frames are an easy way to create a one-of-a-kind work of art that any Victorian would kill to have. Combining mouldings is a fun way to show off your personality and make a statement. 

You are an original.

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