Revamping a Concept: Custom Framed Family Tree

custom framed family tree

Revamping a Concept: Custom Framed Family Tree

Our clients have the best art visions for their homes. They never settle. They are always looking for unique and creative ways to showcase their favorite memories. We love the challenge when clients bring us a custom framing idea that is completely different. A recent favorite project is a custom framed family tree.

While we enjoy a good family wall, we were impressed with taking it up a notch with a family tree. Most family trees are flow charts compilations of names and dates, but our client wanted to have a visual representation of their family for their home.

The Concept

custom framed family treeThe idea of a custom framed family tree came from re-purposing an existing designer frame. Our client previously purchased a gorgeous Sue Wong white lacquer frame with a patterned silver liner for a custom piece of art for their business. When they moved out of that location, our client loved the frame and had to have it in their home. 

After thinking about the types of art that could go into the frame, they decided to use multiple family photos to create a family tree. Mary Lou took the photos and created a few concepts for review, including an actual tree background. Our client loved the idea of using an image of a tree as a backdrop to their family story. The grandparents live at the roots, the parents the trunk and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren grow with the tree. 

The original concept incorporated more photos of extended family, but working within the frame’s existing dimensions called for well thought edits. We opted for a more intimate representation of their family by scaling this down to immediate family members.

The Framing

custom framed family treeOnce the photos were restored and the layout finalized, we went to work on the fitting. Each photo was individually matted using a variety of complimentary mats and layered strategically to create dimension. We created balance by mirroring each side of the tree: graduation photos, baby photos, wedding photos, etc. were placed in a similar spot on each side. This helped illustrate the family story, like a traditional flow chart family tree.

We designed the background and used specific color matting to tie the various photos and modern frame together. It has a cohesive look, and the frame looks as though it was always intended for this family tree, something we were sensitive to while creating the design. It’s never easy to work backwards with a custom framing project, but we love how this turned out.

custom framed family treeIn a previous article, we said, “Your family is your greatest work of art, so put it on display.” Our client had a vision to create a custom framed family tree that would tell their unique family story and inspire them daily. It was rewarding to create something so precious and fun to revamp the family tree concept. 

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