On Broadway: Custom Framing for the Theater Lover

broadway custom framing

On Broadway: Custom Framing for the Theater Lover

Glenn Close once said, “Good live theater disturbs molecules. You create an energy source around yourself, and it alternates between you and the audience; anybody who sees live theater should come out a little rearranged.”

We’re more than a little rearranged. In fact, it is safe to say that we’ll never be the same again because attending a live performance is so magical and addictive. The sets are stunning, the acting can be breathtaking, and you’ll never see the same performance twice. Each night is unique, and anything can happen. The energy is electrifying.

To honor the theater and the 2019 Tony Awards, here are a few framing ideas that will inspire any musical or theater lover:

Playbill – Finding Neverland

broadway custom framingFor some, an essential aspect of the theater-going experience is the Playbill. It’s more than a program; it is a souvenir of a wonderful occasion. Both informative and beautiful, the Playbill is something that attendees look forward to reading – or framing.

This Playbill of Finding Neverland is a visual stunner. The modern, brushed silver frame, silver fillet, and textured mat turn this into a work of art. The Playbill floats on the mat to add dimension and intrigue. It’s a memento of a fun trip to New York City and a gorgeous frame design that can be replicated for any future Playbills.

Signed Poster – Wicked

broadway custom framingSigned posters (signed anything, really) are coveted by fans, and who wouldn’t want a signed poster by the cast of Wicked?

This amazing musical needed a funky frame design. We used a triple mat to play off the colors in Wicked – green and black for the art and silver for the signatures. The frame has a dynamic geometric design with a black lacquer finish that complements the piece without overwhelming the art. It’s a statement frame, and it is something that any Wicked fan would love.

Signed Poster – Dear Evan Hansen

broadway custom framingThis poster is special because the client that owns it honored the Broadway tradition of waiting outside of the theater to get the actors’ signatures. They were able to meet the actors and connect with them in a meaningful way.

For this memorable poster, we chose a neutral mat and black frame with silver edges. The final result is modern and sleek. This design highlights the signatures and art while remaining understated. It’s the style of frame that can work with many different types of frames and interior room design.

There are more items you can frame to commemorate your theater experience. We’ve had clients frame:

  •         Ticket stubs
  •         Dinner menus
  •         Photos with the actors
  •         Professional photos of the sets
  •         Original or fan artwork of the musical or play
  •         Unsigned posters
  •         And more

Live theater is life changing whether you’re enjoying a performance on Broadway or your local venue. Remember the moment you became “rearranged” with custom framing. For more custom framing ideas, visit our custom framing gallery.