How to Choose Photos for Your Wedding Album

How to Choose Photos for Your Wedding Album

How to Choose Photos for Your Wedding Album

Wedding albums are cherished family heirlooms. Couples and their family members enjoy revisiting that celebration of love, from the sweet newlywed portrait to that wild photo of your aunt on the dance floor. Yet, many of today’s couples postpone creating their wedding album.

Why? It could be anything from thinking albums are too expensive to life being too busy. Two popular reasons we hear in our studio are:

“Everything is digital.”

“I don’t know how to choose my photos.”

If your excuse is the first one, then we don’t want to hear it. We are huge advocates of printing photos. Digital is great, and it affords you many opportunities to share your images. However, most digital photos fall under the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. You snap a photo and then never look at it again. If you have an album, you’re more likely to enjoy the photos you have.

In fact, having a digital gallery of images can be even more overwhelming than having printed proofs to review. Don’t let that overwhelmed feeling stop you. We never want anyone to avoid a photo project because they cannot make a decision. We love working on wedding albums and helping people choose their photos. 

Stuck making your selection? Here are a few tips on how to choose photos for your wedding album:

1. Make a list of every single photo you like. Each photo should come with some identifying number. Jot down every photo you like, even if you aren’t sure about it. Now is not the time to get picky. If you like it, write it down.

2. Isolate those photos into a new folder. Copy the images you like into a new location. Emphasis on “copy.” You want to keep a master file of your photos, so do not cut and paste or delete photos you do not like. Just make a copy of the images you do like. 

3. Review this best selection. This is where you really want to judge the images. Make note of any duplicates or photos that you decide you do not want, and cross them off your list. Highlight the “must have” photos from the photos you just “like.” Repeat steps and 2 and 3 if necessary. 

4. Keep your list to under 100 photos. You can include more, but your album may be larger than you expect. If you find yourself in a situation where you have hundreds of photos that you want to include, consider making an album and a photo book. Your album can include the glamour shots, and the photo book can have everything else. 

Tip: If you like a photo but don’t like the background, we can crop the image, edit the photo, or use it creatively in the album design. 

Take a look at this album we recently created. This elegant yet playful wedding was Orioles themed, and we incorporated that into the design itself. We chose a wood and leather album cover and used creative layouts that transport the viewer to that special day. It’s a big album full of memories, from the people they love and who love them. It’s something worth cherishing.

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