Custom Framing Children’s Poems

custom framing children's poems

Custom Framing Children’s Poems

In our studio, books are sacred. Pinterest projects that require a person to shred a book page for Christmas ornaments or bend pages into wreaths make us weep. We are full supporters of creativity, but it hurts to see books “repurposed” for trendy adult art projects. That being said, we love a book themed framing project. We were excited to work on this creative gift commissioned by one of our clients. 

Our client wanted to create a thoughtful gift for her relative. She wanted to give this new mother a thoughtful piece of art for her nursery using poems from a cherished book of children’s poetry. The book was a family heirloom, and the last thing anyone wanted to do was cut it up for a frame project. Instead of dissecting and extracting, we decided to get a little creative. (Note: no books were harmed during this custom framing.)

custom framing children's poetry

Custom Framing Poems

There were too many poems to include in the frame, so our client chose her favorites from the book. We shot the selected pages, and Mary Lou designed a beautifully balanced layout for the frame, which was not an easy feat considering the varying lengths of each poem. Shooting, restoring, and reprinting the poems not only allowed us to keep the book intact, but control the end result. Our archival prints will not fade like the original pages would, and we were able to print the exact size we needed for the frame, something we could not guarantee if we were using original pages and margins. It also allowed us to pick a few extra illustrations to incorporate into the design.

Our client wanted a frame design a child could grow up with and cherish when they were older. They chose a rustic white wood frame with a soft floral design. A blue linen mat added texture and richness without overpowering the piece. This elegant frame was designed to stand alone or complement other pieces of art in a gallery wall. It’s neutral colors would work well with any interior design.

Our favorite detail is the image of the small child reading. Amy cut a small, circular mat to act as a frame and slightly elevated it above the rest of the art. It’s a subtle detail that adds a little excitement without being too distracting. 

Creative Solutions

The original book was fragile and needed new storage to protect it for years to come. We housed the book in a rare book box, a box designed to keep out bugs, dust, and other potentially damaging elements. By providing the proper storage, we were able to help ensure this book lives on for decades to come.

There are so many sites and influencers online dedicated to inspiring people to repurpose objects or create art out of everyday items. Some of them are very cool and fun to make. However, if you have an object you want to use to create art but do not want to take apart, then leave it intact. A professional will work with you to come up with a solution to help you create the art you want without harming the original piece you cherish. It is easier to schedule a free consultation to discover your options than it is to try to repair or replace one-of-a-kind items.