Champagne Frames: The Ultimate Versatile Moulding

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Champagne Frames: The Ultimate Versatile Moulding

We treat picture frame moulding like some people treat shoes. Each moulding has a purpose and a place. A 1” black frame could be that comfy shoe that allows you to walk for miles and works with almost everything basic. An 18 carat gold closed corner frame is similar to the limited edition sneaker people line up around the block to get. Some frames are fun and funky like trendy heels while others are simple and durable like work boots.


In this shoe comparison, champagne mouldings are like the versatile dress shoe – they go with everything while looking fantastic. It can be dressed up or down, but it will always look elegant.


Champagne frames are the unsung heroes of the framing world. Their versatility and delicate finish make this color a studio favorite. Here are a few reasons why:


Champagne frames work with both gold and silver.

champagne frame portraitMixing gold and silver may no longer be a faux pas, but that doesn’t mean everyone is willing to try it. A champagne frame can bridge the two colors because it has yellow and orange undertones that can complement the warmth of a gold frame while reflecting the coolness of a silver frame. If you’re unsure of where you want to put a piece of art or need to bridge a few antique gold frames with modern silver frames, you can’t go wrong with champagne.


It has a romantic feel that is perfect for wedding photos.

champagne frame wedding announcementThere is a softness to champagne frames that feels romantic and elegant – the exact way a couple wants to feel on their special day. Choosing a frame with an intricate design can or adding texture with a fabric mat can turn a gorgeous wedding portrait into a statement piece.


Champagne can be for the old or the young.

champagne frame corporateOur clients are often relieved that they have found a frame that great-grandma and a grandchild can share. Some people feel that modern mouldings are too sharp for vintage photos. Others feel that traditional frames can weigh down a snapshot or phone photo. It all comes down to personal preference. A champagne frame can often strike a balance between old and new because it is classic yet trendy. The subtle tones flatter black and white prints, vintage finishes and modern color finishes.


It is forgiving with imperfect pieces.

champagne frame anniversary cardMany clients bring in old documents that were stored in the attic, the back of drawers, or at the bottom of boxes. These immigration documents, antique birth certificates, and more are often not cared for properly. The paper has yellowed or was torn and repaired with tape. A piece like this needs a forgiving frame that can bring out the beauty of the artistry while masking the imperfections of the paper. Unlike the harshness of a bright gold or silver frame, a champagne color often brings light and warmth to any piece.


Any good fashionista knows how important it is to have pieces that are versatile and classic. In our framing “wardrobe,” champagne frames pair well with many types of art, photos, and documents.