We Specialize in the Unique

From daguerreotypes to convex prints and digital photos to wedding albums our staff will help you preserve and share your heritage.

Photo Restoration

Photographs are the window into our heritage. Nothing fully illustrates a family’s past than a photograph. Our staff operates with museum techniques and Smithsonian level equipment to restore your family photos. We can work with original prints or create a digital restoration. No project is too small or too damaged.

Custom Framing

Custom framing should enhance art — not overwhelm it. Whether you’re looking for an antique, modern, or original frame, we will find the perfect frame solution for you.

Art Restoration

Have art that needs to be restored, cleaned, or repaired? We can make your precious works of art beautiful again. Call us at 410-825.6858 to make an appointment for a consultation.

Since 1996, our team of experts have been studying and preserving photographs, frames, and art. It’s what we do everyday.


About Coyle

Our staff is a small group of trained professionals that dedicate themselves to preserving your memories. We have years of training from traditional darkroom, modern technology, and museum conservation.